Graduate Students

List of People
 NameAboutEmailOffice LocationLink
Eno Agolli

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Wittgenstein

eno.agolli@uconn.eduManchester Hall 131
Rashed Ahmad

Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Math, paradoxes, Truth.
Ahmed Alenaizan

Metaethics, Ethics, Political Philosophy
Teresa Allen

Social Epistemology, Moral and Political Philosophy, Truth

teresa.allen@uconn.eduManchester Hall 101
Phillip Barron

Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language (esp. Poetry)

phillip.barron@uconn.eduManchester Hall 105
Tithi Basu Mallik
Emma Björngard

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Ethics

Kristin Culbertson

Moral and Political Philosophy, Social Justice, Ethics

kristin.culbertson@uconn.eduManchester Hall 131
Dana Francisco Miranda

Africana Philosophy, Existential Phenomenology, Philosophy of Psychiatry, Political Philosophy
Mary Gregg

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

mary.gregg@uconn.eduManchester Hall 104
Michael Hegarty

Philosophy of mind (esp. mental representation, perception, intentionality and consciousness), Epistemology, Truth and Meaning.

michael.hegarty@uconn.eduManchester Hall 104
Jared Henderson

Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Metaphysics

Mengyu Hu

 Logic, Semantics, metaethics, metaphysics Hall 105
Ken Ito

Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Truth

kensuke.ito@uconn.eduManchester Hall 101
Robin Jenkins

Philosophy of Language, Formal Semantics and Pragmatics, Philosophy of Action, Logic

robin.jenkins@uconn.eduManchester Hall 104
Drew Johnson

metaethics, epistemology, and truth.

drew.johnson@uconn.eduManchester Hall 132
Nathaniel Johnson

Moral Philosophy, Political Philosophy

nathaniel.k.johnson@uconn.eduManchester Hall 101
Nathan Kellen

Truth, Philosophy of Logic, Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Mathematics

Junyeol Kim

Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Epistemology Hall 104
Yuhan Liang

Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Moral Problems

yuhan.liang@uconn.eduManchester Hall 101
Mandy Long

Philosophical Issues in Public Policy (esp. Employment), Social and Political Philosophy

mandy.long@uconn.eduManchester Hall 135
Joseph Lurie
Heather Muraviov

Virtue Theory, Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Feminist Philosophy

heather.muraviov@uconn.eduManchester Hall 135
Steven Nunez

Social and Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Race, Politics and Ethics of the Use of Force, Existential Phenomenology, Philosophy of Education, Philosophy of Religion

steven.nunez@uconn.eduManchester Hall 101
Jordan Ochs

self-knowledge, inner speech, philosophy of mind and language
Aliyar Ozercan

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Neuropsychology

aliyar.ozercan@uconn.eduManchester Hall 132
Gordon Paterson
Emily Pierce

Philosophy of Language, Logic, Epistemology, social and political philosophy

emily.2.pierce@uconn.eduManchester Hall 131
David Pruitt
Christopher Rahlwes

Indian Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy of Language

christopher.rahlwes@uconn.eduManchester Hall 131
Jenelle Salisbury

Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Epistemology

jenelle.salisbury@uconn.eduManchester Hall 135
Ryo Tanaka

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Sellars


ryo.tanaka@uconn.eduManchester Hall 105
Taylor Tate

Philosophy of Education, Africana Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy

tltate018@gmail.comManchester Hall 103
Cody Turner

Russellian Monism, Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness, Intentionality, Cognitive Phenomenology, Representationalism

cody.turner@uconn.eduManchester Hall 103
Jack Yip