Graduate Students

Ahmed Abohamad

Moral Psychology, Social Epistemology, Ethics, and Philosophy of Science

Eno Agolli

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Wittgenstein

Rashed Ahmad

Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Math, paradoxes, Truth.

Ahmed Alenaizan

Metaethics, Ethics, Political Philosophy

Nimra Asif

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Political Philosophy & Public Policy, and Feminist Philosophy

Phillip Barron

Aesthetics, Philosophy of Language (esp. Poetry)

Eric Berg

Formal Logic, History of Analytic Philosophy, and Philosophy of Education

Kristin Culbertson

Moral and Political Philosophy, Social Justice, Ethics

Geevanesam Devakanmalai

Ethics, Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Culture, and Moral Psychology

Photo of Mary Gregg

Mary Gregg

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language


Mary Gregg's Curriculum Vitae

Michael Hegarty

Philosophy of mind (esp. mental representation, perception, intentionality and consciousness), Epistemology, Truth and Meaning.

Mengyu Hu

 Logic, Semantics, Metaethics, Metaphysics

Ken Ito

Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Truth

Photo of Ahmad Jabbar

Ahmad Jabbar

Natural Language Semantics, Logic, Epistemology

Drew Johnson

Metaethics, Epistemology, and Truth

Photo of Ahmet Karabag

Ahmet Ö. Karabağ

Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics, Philosophy of Language

Yuhan Liang

Chinese Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Moral Problems

Photo of Jordan Lindo

Jordan Lindo

Moral philosophy, philosophy of language, metaphysics

Photo of Mandy Long

Mandy Long

Philosophical Issues in Public Policy (esp. Employment), Social and Political Philosophy

Joel Lorenzatti

Philosophy and History of Science, Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

Susanna Melkonian-Altshuler

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Truth

Heather Muraviov

Virtue Theory, Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Education, Feminist Philosophy

Aliyar Ozercan

Cognitive Neuroscience, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Neuroimaging

Photo of Katie Peters

Katie Peters

Virtue and Vice Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Psychology, Philosophy of Education

Amit Photo

Amit Pinsker

Theories of rationality and philosophical logic

Christopher Rahlwes

Indian Philosophy, Comparative Philosophy, Philosophy of Language

David Rodriguez

Virtue and Vice Epistemology, Moral Psychology (esp. emotions), Virtue Theory, Philosophy of Religion

Jenelle Salisbury

Philosophy of Mind, Cognitive Science, Epistemology

Amelia Shaw

Aesthetics, Existentialism, and Philosophy of Religion


Utku Sonsayar

Philosophy of science, philosophy of language, meta-ethics

Ryo Tanaka

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language, Sellars

Taylor Tate

Philosophy of Education, Africana Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy

Cody Turner

Russellian Monism, Higher-Order Theories of Consciousness, Intentionality, Cognitive Phenomenology, Representationalism

Katrina Van Dyke

Epistemology (esp. Virtue, Social, and Political Epistemology), Ethics, and Feminist Philosophy

Photo of Yuan Ye

Yuan, Ye (Justin)

Metaethics, Philosophy of Law