Welcoming new graduate students

This year we’d like to welcome an exciting batch of new fellow students, co-workers, and friends!

  • Teresa Allen received her BA in philosophy and a minor in Greek from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012. From there, she continued her studies at Northern Illinois University, where she received her MA in philosophy in 2014. Her primary interests lie in philosophy of language, metaethics, and ethics.
  • Rasa Davidaviciute received her BA in philosophy from Vilnius University and MA from Central European University. Her research interest are Husserl’s philosophy of mathematics, mathematical intuition and history of analytic philosophy. Aside from doing philosophy Rasa enjoys watching the Twilight Zone, gardening and translating Lithuanian proverbs into English.
  • Sean-Michael Green is a new graduate student with an interest in metaphysics and modern philosophy. He earned his undergraduate degree (in philosophy) at the University of Pittsburgh, and he holds graduate degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Cornell University. He has served on various boards including Big Brothers Big Sisters and Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo. He is the author of a book, many chapters, and dozens of articles – none of which are especially philosophical in nature. He currently works as a senior administrator at another university. Prior to working in higher education, Sean-Michael has been the CEO of successful companies, a United States Marine, a licensed attorney, and a stand-up comedian.
  • Ken Ito was born in Amagasaki, near Osaka. He earned a BA and MA in Philosophy at Doshisha University. Before arriving at UConn, he has published in Philosophical ResearchThe Bulletin of the Japanese Society for British Idealism, and the Doshisha Annual of Philosophy.
  • Dana Francisco Miranda is a graduate of Bard College where he earned his BA in Philosophy. He is interested in 20th century continental philosophy, postcolonial studies, critical race theory, the philosophy of history, and such thinkers as Hannah Arendt, Friedrich Nietzsche, Amilcar Cabral, Johan Degenaar, and Algirdas Julien Greimas. He is a first-generation Cabo Verdean-American born in Dorchester, Massachusetts.
  • Colin McCullough-Benner received a BA from Miami University and an MA from Central European University, both in philosophy. His main interests are in philosophy of language, philosophy of logic, and philosophy of mathematics. Besides philosophy, he likes cooking, origami, and Brazilian popular music.
  • Andrew Tedder earned an MA in Philosophy at the University of Alberta, awarded 2014 on Paraconsistent logic and Inconsistent Arithmetic. His BA is from the University of Lethbridge. He is excited to join the vibrant UConn philosophy community. His research interests are in Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics and History of Analytic Philosophy, particularly Carnap and Frege. He also plays bass and enjoys wargaming.