Grue Bags & Shops

Throughout the semester, the PGSA run a fortnightly series of alternating Grue Bags and Grue Shops. Here you will find a brief introduction to each kind of meeting, a recent history of talks, and upcoming presentations.

Grue Bags:

The Grue Bag Presentations are hour-long talks given by a UConn graduate student to the other UConn graduate students about once every four weeks.

Grue Shops:

The Grue Shops are workshops occurring about once every four weeks. These workshops focus on a paper by a UConn student, and are attended by UConn students. We read the paper prior to the workshop. During the workshop, after a brief summary of the paper by the presenter, we spend most of the hour giving them comments.

Fall 2015

Presenter Date Title Type
Teresa Allen Sept. 8  “Is Brandom a Conceptual Inflationist about Truth?” Bag
Toby Napoletano Sept. 22 “How Important are Truth Conditions for Truth-Conditional Semantics?” Shop
Nathan Kellen Oct. 6 “Should Truth Pluralists be Logical Pluralists?” Shop
Jordan Ochs Oct. 20 “A Critique of the Social Origins Hypothesis” Shop
David Pruitt Nov. 3 “Nominalism and Logic” Bag
Colin McCullough-Benner Nov 17 “Pluralism about Truth and Semantic Values” Shop

Spring 2015

Presenter Date Title Type
Nathan Sheff Feb. 10 “Group Belief without Greedy Reductionism” Bag
Nathan Kellen Feb. 24 “Logical Consequence as a Functional Concept Bag
Tom Meagher Mar. 24 “Domination and Peculiarity” Shop
Alycia LaGuardia-LoBianco Apr. 7 “Suffering and Moral Responsibility” Shop

Fall 2014

Presenter Date Title Type
Nathan Kellen Sep. 9 “The Role of Authors and Publishers in Massive, Serialised, Collaborative Fictions” Bag
Andrew Parisi Sep. 16 “Promissory Obligation and ‘Ought Implies Can’” Shop
Nathan Sheff Sep. 30 “Naturalizing Group Belief” Bag
Michael Robillard Oct. 14 “Exploitation and Doxastic Vulnerability: Expanding the Realm of Unreasonable Options” Shop
Hanna Gunn Oct. 26 “Common Ground, Memes, and Changing Common Knowledge” Bag
Paul Simard Smith Nov. 9 “The Context Dependence of Validity Claims” Bag