Grue Bag Series

The Grue Bag Series is a series of talks and workshops given and attended by UConn philosophy grad students. The purpose of the Grue Bag Series is to give us the opportunity to practice presenting our work, to share our work with our fellow students, and to get feedback to improve our work. The Grue Bag Series has three components:

  • Grue Bag ConferencesThese are one-day conferences which occur at the start of every semester. They run in two parallel sessions; at the most recent one there were 12 presenters. These conferences are very useful because they let a large number of people get feedback on their work at once, and they are very enjoyable for the attendees, who get to learn a lot about what their fellow students have been working on.
  • Grue Bag PresentationsThese are hour-long talks, occurring about once every four weeks, where a single student presents their work. They continue a tradition which has been going for many years, and continue to be an important staple of graduate student life.
  • Grue ShopsThese are hour-long workshops, occurring about once every four weeks in alternation with the Grue Bag Presentations. They differ from the Grue Bag Presentations in that they have a workshop format instead of a talk format. The presenter sends their paper out to us in advance, we read it, and then after a very brief summary of the paper by the presenter, we spend most of the hour giving them comments. These are very useful for the presenter, as they have an opportunity to get a great deal of feedback.