Graduate Conference

Each year the PGSA holds a graduate conference. You can view details about the Fall 2014 conference here.

Second Annual Graduate Conference

The A Priori

Feb. 20, 2016

Oak Hall 112

Full Schedule with Abstracts

Keynote Speaker
Elijah Chudnoff (Miami)”Mature Intuition”
Graduate Speakers
Douglas Blue (Harvard)”The Interdependence of a priority and a posteriority in the Search for New Axioms”
James Kinkaid (Boston University)”Phenomenology, Meno’s Paradox, and the A Priori”
Ross Colebrook (The Graduate Center, CUNY)”On the Subject of Changing the Subject”
Antonella Mallozzi (The Graduate Center, CUNY)”Perceptual Intuition and A Priori Justification: A Note on Chudnoff’s Presentational Phenomenalism”

This conference is possible due to generous support from the UConn Graduate Student Senate.